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Malignant Mesothelioma



· 14th Annual Techniques Demo– Lake Carl Blackwell April 18th


· Monthly Meeting- TBA– 001 AG HALL, Free Pizza to Paid members, $5 to join


· New and existing members!   Do not forget to join our club on Campus Link


· Go Fishing with Pistol Pete!  More information can be found on the OSU NREM website.


· Audobon Nature Camp June 2-6 and June 8-13 at Sanborn Lake.



The OSU Student Subunit (formerly known as the Oklahoma Student Chapter) was formed in 1996 by students for students. This organization is dedicated to bringing awareness of past, present, and future fisheries related issues to graduate and undergraduate students currently enrolled in Oklahoma universities. There are many agencies within Oklahoma and across the country that manage fisheries, but as students we often do not understand what the agencies are doing or how we can get involved.


Since 1978, the Oklahoma Chapter of the American Fisheries Society (OKAFS) has brought fisheries professionals together to exchange information and act on issues of concern to fisheries resources in Oklahoma. However, student needs differ from those of established fisheries professionals, and our goal is to address the specific needs of students and draw qualified students into the field of fisheries science. To find out more information about the advantages of being a part of the OSU Student Subunit click HERE or download our most current newsletter from the OKAFS website.












Any questions or comments?  Contact our president Mike Gatlin or our Webmaster Chase Ehlo.