Manuals and Documents



Texas Farm Ponds: Stocking, Assessment, and Management Recommendations 2005 Edition

produced by The Texas Chapter of the American Fisheries Society Pond Management Committee

Most farm ponds and small impoundments in Texas are not managed at their highest potential for fish production. This is unfortunate, since an estimated 20 percent of fishing trips in Texas are to these waters. This publication presents a concise set of guidelines for stocking and managing fish in new, renovated, or old ponds.

This publication was prepared by the Texas Chapter of the American Fisheries Society to provide information to the pond owner who has little or no knowledge of fishery management. Specific information on assessment techniques, interpretation of assessment data, and corrective management strategies are included to help the pond owner develop long-range management plans.

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The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has also provided a comprehensive collection of pond management information.

Guide to Developing Community Fisheries

produced by The Texas Chapter of the American Fisheries Society Urban Fishing Committee

The purpose of this guide is to assist communities in providing public fishing opportunities and developing recreational fishing programs which promote ethical, responsible use of aquatic resources. It is written for multiple audiences and is intended to serve as a source document for anyone interested in developing or enhancing community fisheries. While specific recommendations may not apply to every situation, the principles are offered to provide the greatest possible benefits to the greatest number of people. Communities may choose to emphasize selective components of community fisheries and build programs over time as budgets and resources permit.

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Texas Chapter American Fisheries Society Procedural Handbook

Updated 2011.

This procedural manual is intended to provide guidance to Chapter leadership by outlining responsibilities, duties, procedures, and suggested deadlines for officers and committees.  The intent is to facilitate efficient completion of critical tasks in support of the mission and goals of TCAFS.  This document replaces the last revisions dated 1998.

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